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We are Medical Tourism Connection, a state of the art savings program that delivers global healthcare access to you and your family. Typical companies offering a "facilitator" service give you very little choice, add up to 30% of the price and abandon you after you book. With Medical Tourism Connection, you are able to locate better savings, travel with the comfort of knowing you always have access through the internet and we never add a percentage to the price of your procedure. And, because we are membership based, loyal members are always given the best deals, more ways to save and loyalty reward points to offset costs. Imagine being able to find care, book care and get there, just like you would at home, but now it's international. It’s the membership that can save you and your family from financial devastation.

"The people friendly service that brings global healthcare to you and your home"

Step One Connect

Medical Tourism Connection is your practical online connection with global healthcare. We offer a simple way to book a doctor internationally, over the internet, much the same as when you select and schedule airfare, hotel or other online booking. You do not need special training or computer knowledge to book with us even your first time.

Step Two Save

Internationally, healthcare can be purchased at much lower cost and incredible savings are available at many destinations. Utilizing locations with high quality healthcare known for charging a lower rate can literally save you thousands of dollars including the cost of travel and stay. Traveling for healthcare savings is a growing trend in the U.S. If you are one of the many uninsured or underinsured you know the cost of a major healthcare procedure can be financially devastating.

Compare Visits


  • Know your medical need
  • Decide on destination city
  • Locate provider(s) in system directory or name a provider
  • Select your doctor(s)
  • Securely transfer records and information
  • Connect with a doctor(s) for initial discussion
  • Review doctor(s) credentials
  • Book procedure (starting price, accommodations, transportation)
  • Attend appointment
  • Pay bill
  • Receive treatment
  • Recover


  • Know your medical need
  • Locate providers in your area
  • Find available doctor
  • Contact doctor's office for visit
  • Attend appointment
  • Pay bill
  • Receive treatment
  • Get discharged

The Perfect Solution

No other company can match our member only services.
  • Never a charge to find healthcare that caters to your personal needs.
  • Always a lower price when you pay direct to the care provider.
  • Easy scheduling with guided confidence, right from your personal computer.
  • Savvy members can save thousands on healthcare.

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Did you know?

We do more for our Members! Become a member today and you will receive loyalty reward points each month that help with airfare and other costs associated when traveling for healthcare. When you join you are a member to your own perfect solution.

Limitless medical tourism with no procedure mark-up!

About Us

Your healthcare is on a collision course with patient needs and economic reality.

In today's dysfunctional healthcare system you need Medical Tourism Connection by your side.

Find Care

Medical savings are a welcome sight in today’s costly healthcare environment; including global healthcare to save can be a wise financial move.

Finding high quality global healthcare that fits your needs and your financial abilities is a real option. Searching for care using an organized directory, accreditation factors and preferred destinations can connect you with quality care providers around the world.

Book Care

The value of traveling can stretch the healthcare dollar many times over and traveling may also be the solution to forgoing care and the only alternative to providing a reversal to complete financial devastation.

Booking a procedure can be accomplished both safely and securely using the most inclusive software system the medical tourism industry has ever seen. Online records management and funds transfer are just the start of many features which create a peace of mind that the details are accurately managed.

Get There

Medical Tourism Connection is here to help you find care, book care and get there!

Getting to the destination using the planned itinerary brings healthcare and savings together with the peace of mind of being well prepared.

Thank you for contacting us. We will be in touch shortly.