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Pioneer Dr. Rogelio Villarreal & Centro de Oftalmología Monterrey

Just 150 miles south of the Texas-Mexico border, lies the city of Monterrey, Mexico. At the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range, Mexico’s third largest city is not only home to the best medical facilities in the country but also Pioneer Dr. Rogelio Villarreal of the Centro de Oftalmología Monterrey. The native of Monterrey is a world-renowned expert when it comes to laser eye surgery.

Are you keeping U.S. patients from choosing your facility?

Every provider wonders about the next patient, it is the why and how of the driving force used to operate your practice. Where will your next patient come from? In many cases it is an unfortunate and often immediate occurrence dealt by life that brings to you your next client. In the global healthcare industry there is a high possibility he or she could be from the U.S., as a U.S. patient and accompanied with unlimited questions and expectations of what he or she will receive from enlisting your service.

The International Patient Series

As part of Medical Tourism Connection’s pledge to the betterment of services and the advancement of the global healthcare industry, we are publishing the answers to many of the questions asked to us by medical facilities and providers on a daily basis.

The educational material provided in our newsletter is a great way to obtain answers to the questions medical facilities that have, or will make, the decision to join the global healthcare industry.

Considering Knee or Hip Replacement?

Medical Tourism Connection is proud to be able to offer excellent facilities such as Madras Joint Replacement Center with the most highly esteemed doctors such as Dr. Venkat.

Rikota Dental Center

Rikota Dental Centre was founded in 1990 by Dr. Yuriy Rikota, making it the first private dental practice in Ukraine. Since its open, Rikota Dental has been known for completing top quality dental work including implants, aesthetic dentistry, veneers, crowns, bleaching and whitening, invisible braces, as well as standard dental and hygiene check-ups. They are also known for their staff who are described as being caring, dedicated, compassionate, and having the proper expertise in not only making you feel healthier, but also creating and preserving your perfect smile.

Doctors in the U.S. are Decreasing

In the United States, there are not enough medical physicians. The reason why? There are more people with insurance than doctors to treat them. This creates a problem when Americans can’t use their insurance because there is a shortage of doctors. Safyer, New York hospital’s CEO, believes there will be a “shortage” in physicians when “you give millions more people[Americans] insurance” (Wechsler, 2009).