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How many patients can you handle in 2012?

An anxious medical tourism marketing reality is setting in for facilities seeking the U.S. patient.  Staffing your international patient department with top notch service agents is not enough to attract the volume of patients required to sustain a financially viable medical tourism department. Your medical facility needs a direct marketing approach to the patient along with [...]

Prescription Savings Testimonial

As an advocate for Medical Tourism Connection and recognizing that this was a terrific opportunity, I joined the membership and business program. It couldn’t had come at a better time; even though my wife and I have health insurance.  I would like to share the reason why… the other evening I went to an urgent [...]

Medical Tourism Connection Announces Big Growth with their Global Healthcare Program, 3rd Quarter Revenue is up 390% over Previous Quarter’s Revenue.

Medical tourism is now in the reach of individuals and families by being offered through independent insurance agents as a primary source to local and global healthcare.  The combination of global healthcare advocate with an independent insurance agent background and training is fueling the growth of the Medical Tourism Connection membership program.  Medical Tourism Connection, C.E.O. Neil [...]